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Radioactivity: Shielding Materials

Author(s): Entesser Farhan Salman and Anfal Ali Shakir

When the rays pass through an absorbing medium such as the human body or any other organism, part of the energy of these rays is transferred to this medium. The amount of energy transferred, even in small proportions, may constitute biological damage. To reduce the risk, workers in the radiation field wear armoured coats made of protective rubber. To protect them from radiation. Attenuation or shielding of gamma radiation are an important component of radiation, safety programs aiming to reduce personnel exposure to ionizing radiation. Attenuation data for use shielding materials is commonly available in many resources such as lead and polymer composites. Polymers are high molecular weight compounds composed of units called monomers. Numerous molecules are regularly attached to each other by chemical bonds and form polymers. Polymers are used in many areas such as building materials, adhesives, electronic tool parts, insulating materials, metal materials, insulation materials, textile and paper industries.

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