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Properties of the Basic Particle

Author(s): Massie UW

The fundamental particle is the neutrino. To date, it has not been divided. It is the Zero Point Energy particle (ZPE) and is everywhere. Neutrinos can form electrons, can form quarks, which form protons and neutrons. Coordinated flows of neutrinos create the force of gravity and electromagnetism. T. T. Brown found that by placing a highly charged wire around a disc that the disc would move in the direction of the positive pole. Larger discs and higher voltages produced higher disc velocity. Tests conducted in a vacuum showed that the disc velocity was not produced by ionized air molecules. This means that there is a source of propulsion available for space ships that does not require rocket fuel. Time has existed forever so there was no beginning. Once there was a space that extended to infinity and was filled with neutrinos at a fixed temperature and density. These neutrinos formed hydrogen clouds which formed stars which led to the universe as it is known today, steady and infinite.

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