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, Volume: 6( 2)

Properties of the Basic Particle

U. W. Massie , Marion VA 24354, P. O. Box 941, USA, E-Mail:

Received: June 18, 2018; Accepted: July 2, 2018; Published: June 9, 2018

Citation: Massie U W. Properties of the Basic Particle. J Phys Astron. 2018; 6(2):155


The fundamental particle is the neutrino. To date, it has not been divided. It is the Zero Point Energy particle (ZPE) and is everywhere. Neutrinos can form electrons, can form quarks, which form protons and neutrons. Coordinated flows of neutrinos create the force of gravity and electromagnetism. T. T. Brown found that by placing a highly charged wire around a disc that the disc would move in the direction of the positive pole. Larger discs and higher voltages produced higher disc velocity. Tests conducted in a vacuum showed that the disc velocity was not produced by ionized air molecules. This means that there is a source of propulsion available for space ships that does not require rocket fuel. Time has existed forever so there was no beginning. Once there was a space that extended to infinity and was filled with neutrinos at a fixed temperature and density. These neutrinos formed hydrogen clouds which formed stars which led to the universe as it is known today, steady and infinite.


Neutrino; Basic particle; Universe; Tesla; T. T. Brown


Time has existed from eternity and space extends to infinity [1]. The universe is composed of protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos. Protons and neutrons are composed of quarks, so that ultimately the universe is composed of quarks, electrons and neutrinos.

It has been proposed that a photon is composed of neutrino anti-neutrino combinations [2]. If a photon is energetic enough and is stopped, but not absorbed, it can become an electron and a positron. This would indicate that an electron is a spinning neutrino.

A negative meson is composed of two quarks, an anti-up quark and a down quark. The meson soon becomes a muon and sheds a neutrino, indicating that one quark has become a neutrino. The muon is like a heavy electron and quickly becomes an electron and sheds two neutrinos, a muon neutrino and an electron anti-neutrino. It was previously shown that an electron is a spinning neutrino. What was initially two quarks has become neutrinos. A neutral meson is its own anti-particle and becomes two gamma rays. It was previously stated that a photon is two neutrinos. This would indicate that the ultimate basic particle is the neutrino. Based on the similar properties of the etheron and the neutrino M. Margullis [3] proposed in 2009 that the neutrino is the ether particle. Neutrinos are everywhere. The WMAP probe reported that they are prevalent in space. Supposedly, billions of neutrinos are constantly flowing harmlessly through our bodies every second [4].


BY quantum mechanics rules, all reactions are reversible. If a quark can become a neutrino, a neutrino may become a quark. Neutrinos have not been accepted as fundamental because of their poor reaction with matter. Perhaps if their velocity were lower they would have a lower frequency profile and larger size to react with matter particles.

If the velocity of light is the wave front of the neutrino environment, then the random movement of the free neutrinos is c√3 [5], which would make them quite energetic.

The formula for the velocity of the gravity producing neutrino helix around massive objects is V = √GM/r, where G is Newton’s constant. The velocity of the sun’s gravity producing neutrinos in earth orbit is 29. /8 km/sec. The velocity of neutrinos in orbit at the earth’s surface is 7.9 km/sec. These lower velocity neutrinos may be more likely to react with matter objects.

Further evidence of neutrinos is the so-called Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB). It is supposed that this is radiation from the Big Bang but is the impact of the random motion of the local neutrinos on the sensitive instruments of the probes. A neutrino or virtual particle colliding with such a device would have registered as an energetic impact not a wave from the distant past. Some of the snow on television sets is supposedly caused by impacts from the neutrino background. Since this energy is from particle impacts, the energy curve will be that of Maxwell-Boltzmann, not a black body, although these two curves have similar shapes.

Another error of modern physics is that the red shift is due to Doppler. This is not true. The true cause is tired light [6]. Considering the vast distances, a photon must travel in inter stellar space and the numerous particles that It encounters which rob it of energy and turn it red it produces tired light. This removes the backing from the Big Bang theory and the expanding space theory.

Since time has existed for an eternity, there was no beginning, but at one time space was filled to infinity with neutrinos at a specific average temperature and density. This medium obeying the quantum rules for actions being reversible would occasionally have a neutrino become a quark and on even rarer occasions have three quarks become a proton. The creation of a positive proton requires the creation of a negative electron. This is a hydrogen atom. Fred Hoyle, in his argument for a steady state universe [7] asserted that this process Is still going on today. The rate of formulation of hydrogen was not an issue because there was an eternity in which to operate. Eventually there would be enough hydrogen created which would form clouds. These clouds would form stars which would go through their life cycles to create the universe we have today, stable and infinite. Since the universe was formed upward step by step its values would be as they are today and there would be no need for multiverses. The fact that the electron neutrinos have a left-handed chirality would give them a bias so that matter, not anti-matter would be created. The universe is filled so that there is no room for expansion.

What advantage has been made of the neutrino background? Nikola Tesla [8] claimed that he could get propulsion by emitting radiation from an object to creating a lower pressure before it and a higher pressure behind it. As far as is known, this was never demonstrated. In the 1950s one of his associates tried to build a thirty-foot diameter model but his equipment was confiscated by the FBI. Upon Tesla’s death the FBI entered his apartment and confiscated and classified all his notes.

This information remains classified today. Today the investigation of EM drive by NASA and the Chinese for satellite guidance would seem to fulfill Tesla’s claims [9].

T. T. Brown [10] also discovered a means of getting propulsion from the neutrino background. Brown mounted a charged wire around a disc. When a voltage was applied to the wire, the disc moved in the direction of the positive pole. Brown went to France and repeated the experiment in a vacuum to demonstrate that the movement was not caused by ionized air particles. With wires surrounded the disc the direction of the disc could be changed by moving the direction of the positive pole. Lockheed, Boeing and other major suppliers tested discs and regularly reported their results. When the size of the discs reached four feet diameter, the voltage 50,000 and the velocity several hundred mph the reports abruptly stopped. The assumption was that the military had become interested and classified the program. One problem that the developers faced was getting an insulator with a high dielectric to keep the distance between the charged ring and the disc low. The dielectric of air is one. The dielectric the experimenters were seeking was 15,000. Brown stated before he was silenced that with a thirty-foot diameter disc and one million volts a velocity of Mach 2-3 could be achieved.

The high voltage potential across Brown’s discs must cause neutrinos to flow from the positive pole to the negative and induce a motion toward the positive pole. The power requirements are a few watts at the voltages applied. Neutrinos are supposedly not affected by electrostatics, but since they are the ultimate basic particle their movement must produce both gravity and electrostatics. A high voltage potential could cause them to flow rapidly.

Brown’s discovery of a source of propulsion without massive amounts of fuel would be beneficial for inter-planetary space travel. Inter-stellar trips would not become practical until a source of provisions for the crew could be found.

Time has been here forever, so there was no beginning. However, at one-time space was filled to infinity with neutrinos at a certain temperature and density.


Space is filled with neutrinos. They are the ultimate basic particle. Experiments have shown that a charged disc will move through this medium in the direction of the positive pole. This method of propulsion means that rocked fuel is not required. Without the burden of fuel, rockets could carry a larger payload.