Preparation of a clay based superabsorbent polymer composite of copolymer poly (acrylate-co-acrylamide) with bentonite via microwave radiation

Author(s): Hussam-Aldeen Kalaleh, Mohammad Tally, Yomen Atassi

In this paper we present a fast, new and easy method for the preparation of bentonite-g-poly (acrylate-co-acrylamide) composite material using microwave radiation. The composite has water absorptivity of 1002 g/g while the corresponding copolymer is tacky and has poor gel texture. The relative thermal stability of the composite in comparisonwith the copolymer was proved via thermogravimetric analysis These results indicate the synergistic effect of the bentonite with the copolymer by increasing water absorptivity and enhancing thermal and mechanical properties of the final gel. The composite was characterized byX-ray and FTIR. The influence of the environmental parameters on water absorptivity such as the pH and the ionic force was investigated.

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