Particulate nano-talc reinforced nylon-6: Effect on mechanical, rheological, thermal and morphological properties

Author(s): Pravin G.Kadam, Shashank T.Mhaske

This work reports the effect of particulate nano-sized talc on mechanical, rheological, thermal and morphological properties of nylon-6. Nano-talc concentration was varied as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 phr in nylon-6. Crystallinity (XRD), tensile strength, tensilemodulus, flexural strength and flexuralmodulus were found to have increased by 422, 36.2, 169.8, 97.1 and 156.6% respectively for 4 phr particulate nano-talc loaded nylon-6. Nano-talc seems to increase the crystallinity of the nylon-6 matrix increasing its viscosity, due to the better interaction between nylon-6 chains and nano-talc; as evident fromrheological properties. Nano-talc was observed to have formed aggregates at 5 phr concentration, due to overloaded concentration, as evident from scanning electron microscopy. Nano-talc, due to its particulate shape, must have got easily dispersed in the nylon-6, bringing about uniform spreading of nano-talc in to nylon-6 matrix, increasing the above mentioned properties.

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