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Part III: The Systematic Practice of the Method for Broad Thinking on the Major Opposing Views as the Only Way for People to See and Adopt the Missing Facts, the Real Problems and Solutions at the Foundation of Light, Physics, Science in General, and at the Foundation of Society

Author(s): Corneliu I. Costescu

We show here the missing way along history for growing functional, stable and wise broad views in physics, generally in science and society, instead of dysfunctional views that are based on missing facts. This way is based on a systematic practice of the method for broad thinking on the major opposing views that empowers people to see the missing facts at the foundation of science and society, and to see and adopt the solutions for functional, stable and wise structures. This method was, long time ago, the basis for initiating the broad views of Atomism and Democracy, but was insufficiently practiced and later it was forgotten. We describe here the demonstration of this method for two major cases. One case is for the major opposing views on light in physics (a summary of Part I and Part II) which shows the missing fact at the foundation of light (how light spreads at large distances) and a mechanism-type structure for light instead of the current nonmechanism, physically impossible, structure (light spreads like waves, but nothing oscillates). In the second case the demonstration is for the opposing views of liberals and conservatives in society which shows the missing system at the foundation of society – the system for growing common ground and functional, stable and wise broad views, individual and society. These cases and demonstrations are important enough to show that this method can and must be systematically practiced in physics/ science and especially in society. Learning this method and these two demonstrations turns on the necessary “light” in physics and in society, and becomes the basis for a systematic practice of this method. This is necessary because, as M.L. King said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” In our time this method can and must be practiced systematically to define and adopt a system for growing functional common ground and functional, stable and wise broad views instead of poor views, division, etc.

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