Optical and morphological properties of (PMMA -Ag) nanocomposites

Author(s): Zainab A.Al-Ramadhan, Ahmad H.Rekad

Polymer-nanoparticale composites were prepared by solution cast method using Polymethylmethacrylate as base matrix and silver nanoparticle as filler. Optical properties of (PMMA-Ag) nanocomposite with different percentage (0,2,4,6, 8,10)wt%and thickness 100µm are investigated using uv-visspectroscopy within the spectral region (200- 800)nm. The energy gap of indirect transition (allowed and forbidden) has been determined and it was decreased with increasing nanoparticles concentration. The dispersion phenomena for refractive index and extinction coefficient are also investigated, the refractive index increase with increasing Ag concentration. The morphological analysis of the samples is determined byAFMmeasurements and optical microscope. The result shows a homogeneous distribution,very smooth surface and small roughness.

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