One Pot Synthesis of Antimicrobial Active New 2-Benzimidazolesulfonamide Derivatives from 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole

Author(s): P. B. Gorepatil, Y. D. Mane, V. S. Suryawanshi, V. S. Shinde and V. S. Ingle

The H2O2 –PCl5 reagent system has been found to be an efficient reactive reagent for the one pot conversion of 2- mercaptobenzimidazole to 2-benzimidazolesulfonyl chloride with high purity. 2-Benzimidazolesulfonyl chloride on reaction with aromatic amines in the same pot results in the formation of corresponding new2-benzimidazolesulfonamides derivatives in excellent yields and in short reaction time

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