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Novel Fluorimetric Procedure for Estimation of Sumatriptan in its Tablet Formulation and in Human Plasma; Implementation to Content Symmetry Testing

Author(s): Mahmoud A. Omar, Walid E. Eltoukhi, Osama H Abdelmageed, Sameh Ahmed and Mohamed A. Hammad

A rapid, simple and specific fluorimetric procedure is described for estimation of Sumatriptan succinate (STS) in its pharmaceutical preparation and in human plasma. The suggested procedure is depended on the measurement of the fluorescence intensity (FI) of the studied drug in sulphuric acid / methanol at 350 nm (λex 286 nm). Straight correlation was observed between the fluorescence intensity and concentrations studied over the concentration range 0.1 -2.0 μg/ml with correlation coefficient of 0.9990. The detection and quantitation limits were 0.019 and 0.057 μg/ml, respectively. The suggested procedure was validated according to ICH and USP guidelines. It was applied successfully implemented to the estimation of STS in its tablet formulation and content uniformity testing. The suggested method was sensitive enough to allow the estimation of STS in human plasma.

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