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Microbial biodegradation of corn starch based polyethylene

Author(s): ShahrzadKhoramnejadian

In this paper biodegradation of starch based polyethylene were studid. Starch used as a biopolymer to make polyethylene biodegradable. Corn starch selected from various kind of starch. Degradation of starch based Low Density Polyethylene has been investigated in soil rich in microorganisms for 8 months. Biodegradable blends exposed to 8 different kinds of fungi and Pseudomonas aeruginosa84th day’s. The biodegradability is determined by two ways: first, comparing differences in the weight change of two samples, Second test for biodegradation is by examination of FTIR spectroscopy. Through FTIR spectroscopy, the biodegradability rate and reduction in some of the existing bonds in polymer before and after exposure tomould growth is exhibited and the consumption of polymer bymicroorganisms is also revealed. In addition, corn starch based LDPE exposed to 8 different kinds of fungi and the degradation studied as a visual.

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