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Launching Jets From the Transitive Layer of Accretion Disks by Burgers Vortex

Author(s): Abrahamyan MG*

Possibility of representation of a transitive (boundary) layer of an accreting disk round young stellar formations as Burgers vortex with a converging radial flow of substance, almost homoge- neous rotation in nuclear area which is falling down on the hyperbolic law to periphery is consi- dered. Physical and geometrical characteristics of a transitive layer are received. It is shown that transitive layer of Burgers, in depending of characteristics of transitive layer can both to provide formation of bipolar collimated outflow which is accelerated proportionally to the vertical co- ordinate accruing in due course exponentially (the active phase) and provide the capture of all accreting substance by the central body. The behavior of outflow is determined by the properties of Burgers vortex.

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