Innovative and simplest alternative analytical technology(AAT) for testing soil nutrients

Author(s): K.Perumal, S.Ananthi, J.Arunkumar

Over the years, different procedures and extracting solutions have been followed by conventional laboratories for testing soil primary, secondary and micronutrients. AAT was developed for testing soil nutrients by following the circular paper chromatography technique and evaluated for its reliability by comparing the results of soil nutrients with conventional analysis by four different laboratories and soil testing kits. Significant differences (20 to 110%) of soil nutrients were recorded among conventional soil testing laboratories. Even after the standardization of procedures and type of equipments used in selected two laboratories were recorded differences upto 20% of soil nutrients. Due to the large variations in the soil nutrients test reports among conventional laboratories the comparison of the soil nutrients was made based on the same (Low- Low, Medium-Medium, High-High), nearby (Low-Medium, Medium- High) and not matching category (Low-High). AAT developed recorded for acceptable level of accuracy (>90 %) for all nutrients such as OC, N, P, K, Ca,Mn,Mg, Cu, pH, Fe and Zn except S (89 %). Increasing theAAT database by over 40% has reduced variations from 30% to 11% between conventional lab and AAT. Therefore, AAT is simple, quick, cost effective, reliable and reproducible for testing soil nutrients.

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