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Generation and Annihilation of Energy Systems

Author(s): Gudrun Kalmbach HE

In physics, generation and annihilation is used for different processes. Annihilation mainly uses the energy of colliding systems to distribute the accepted energy newly. For instance, an electron colliding with an antineutrino can produce a W- boson carrying the common energy. The W- decay is then again into two particles. The article refers to known datas from physics, but is mostly from the book and many related articles of the same author. Involved are new symmetries or Gleason operators and different kinds of geometries. All sections of this article, not only the first one, are original research using. From physics for instance the early development of the universe is quoted, but physics has no explanation for this. The authors new method has for it detailed information, using matrix theory in form of Moebius transformations octonian projective and other (Hopf in section 2) geometries and Gleason measures with octonian spin-like GF triples (third section). The explanation of figures is kept short and the extended theory is found in the authors book and older publications not quoted here.

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