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Feasibility Study of Constructed Wetlands for Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Author(s): Maham Ayesha, Saba Yousafzai, Nimra Zia, Sana Pervai and SohaTirmizi

Constructed wetlands system removes the nutrients and organic matter from wastewater through the combination of physical, biological and chemical mechanism. Pakistan is a developing country; constructed wetlands are very useful and effective treatment system for the domestic wastewater. Hence these wetlands set-up involve simple technology and low operational costs and contain diverse variety of other plants such as Pistiastratiotes L., Eichhorniacrassipes(Mart.) Solms, Menthaspicata L., Nasturtiumofficinale R. Br., Phylanodiflora(L.) Greene, with diverse properties in removing pollutants from wastewater usually require normal garden care i.e., encouragement of new flowers and pruning for appearance it help in enhance removal of nutrient and organic matter. Constructed Wetlands are the best system for the treatment of domestic wastewater due to seasonal variation, availability of space, diverse variety of plant in nearby areas of Punjab, and the last most important is the suitability of physiochemical proprieties of soil.

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