Effect of gamma ray on the optical properties Zn(ext)2 doped poly(methylmethacrylate) films

Author(s): Tariq J.Alwan, Athraa N.Jameel, Rana I.Khleel

In this work there is the films of Zn(etx)2 doped PMMA films were investigated for gamma-irradiation dosimeter purpose. Samples were fabricated using cast method. PMMA doped by Zn(etx)2 films were exposed to a (137Cs) gamma-radiation source at different dose rate (0, 1, 2 Gy) at room temperature. Transmittance and absorption spectra for films were recorder and the values of the optical band gap and energies of localized states for unirradiated and gamma-irradiated samples were calculated. It was found that the optical band gap values were decreased as the radiation dose increased. The observed change in the optical properties suggest that Zn(etx)2 doped PMMA filmsmay be considered as an effectivematerial for roomtemperature real time gamma-radiation dosimeters.

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