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Effect of extraction mediums: water vs toluene in porous epoxy

Author(s): Siti Noorkhartina Ishak, Teh Pei Leng, Du Ngoc Uy Lan, Yeoh Cheow Keat

Porous epoxy was fabricated using latex as the voids template through extraction method. The porous epoxy was prepared using mechanical mixing method. In this study, mixing was followed the sequences of epoxy, latex then hardener (ELH). Latex composition was varied at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 phr, respectively. The system exhibited phase separated with latex particles dispersed in epoxy matrix. Two different types of extraction mediums were used which were toluene and water for latex extraction. Density, porosity, mechanical, dielectric and morphology were done for both soaking medium samples. Toluene revealed the lower value in dielectric constant which prefer for electronic packaging application. However, flexural strength and modulus of this porous epoxy were reduced. This was attributed to more porous structure in epoxy and was proven that toluene is more effective to be the extraction medium as compared to water. From morphology result, more porous structures were observed by using toluene as an extraction medium.

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