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Diastolic dysfunction and the Risk of Heart Failure: Therapeutics Approaches

Author(s): Srividya Balarammahanty

Diastolic dysfunction is the alteration or the decline in the activity of of the ventricular function. It affects affects the organ’s capacity to fill with an adequate amount of blood during diastole. These alterations involve active or passive relaxation. Acute hypertension, ischemia, Infarction, Aortic Stenosis, Idiopathic Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Diabetes and Obesity are the common causes of diastolic dysfunction. Alterations in the myocardial diastolic properties lead to left ventricular diastolic dysfunction which finally leads to diastolic heart failure. In this review, several therapeutic appraches including pharmacologic, nonpharmacologic, and surgical approaches for the treatment of diastolic dysfunction and heart failure will be discussed.

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