Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of some Benzimidazole-Benzthiazole Carbohydrazide Derivatives

Author(s): Mayank R. Mehta and Satish Batra

Benzimidazole and benzthiazole derivatives play vital role in biological field such as antimicrobial, antiviral, antidiabetic, and anticancer activity. Therapeutic significance of these clinically useful drugs in treatment of microbial infections encouraged the development of some more potent and significant compounds. New chemical entities of benzimidazole condensed with benzothiazole may show enhanced antimicrobial activity and antifungal activity. A series comprising benzimidazole-benzthiazole carbohydrazide substituted by aromatic system were prepared. Investigation of antimicrobial activity of the compounds was done by using Gram-positive (S. aureus,), Gram-negative (E. coli, and P. aeruginosa) bacteria and minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) values were determined.

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