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Appling Recyclable Waste Tire for Crude Oil Absorption

Author(s): Zahra Zamiraei, Mohammadreza Golriz, Mehran Parsa

Crude oil spillage is a major environmental pollution in the world. Tire rubber is ï¬Ã‚‚exible and has hydrophobic (oil-philic) characteristics, making it a good candidate as oil absorbent. This study is used ASTM F726-99 method to evaluate oil absorbing capability of tire powder. In this paper, the possibility of applying waste tire powder as an absorbent for the recovery of spilled oil was investigated. The results indicate that averagely 1.75 g of crude oil can be absorbed to each gram of 120 mesh tire powder. Due to its elastic property, waste tire powder is re-usable for several times only down to 50% decreasing its oil absorption efï¬Ã‚ciency. The best absorption was obtained at pH 7. The results of this study showed that sorption efï¬Ã‚ciency increased as the over time, and decreased as the environmental temperature increases. The results indicated the low-cost tire powder can be used in any water oil-spill conditions.


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