Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Ethanol Extract of Leaf and Bark of Feronia Elephantum Correa

Author(s): A. Muthulakshmi, R. Jothibai Margret and V. R. Mohan

Ethanol extract of Feronia elephantum leaf and bark were investigated for its anti-inflammatory activity in animal models. The anti-inflammatory activity was estimated volumetrically by measuring the mean increase in hind paw volume of rat with the help of plethysmometer. Indomethacin in the dose of 10 mg/Kg is used as standard drug. The plant extracts were given in the doses of 200 and 400 mg/Kg body weight. Control group received 0.5% NaCl (saline) solution. All the doses were administered orally. Results showed that, ethanol extract of leaf had potent and significant anti-inflammatory activity.

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