An attempt for application of γ-irradiated poly glycolic acid (PGA) as new solid state/ESR dosimetry system

Author(s): A.Mejri, H.Jelassi, K.Farah, A.H.Hamzaoui, H.Eleuch

In several laboratories all around the world, electron spin resonance (ESR) dosimetry is a well-established reference dosimetric system in industrial applications of ionising radiation, and its use is also proposed in radiation therapy and accident dosimetry. In the present experimentalwork, PGAsolid state dosimeters (SSD) has been investigated using ESR Spectroscopy to study the gamma radiation response of this material and to evaluate its dosimetric characteristics: dose response, room temperature fading, Heat treatment effect during post-irradiation storage. Results obtained up to now confirmthat PGAseems to be suitable material for ESR dosimetry

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