A review on EPDM / polyolefinic blends and composites

Author(s): V.K.Abitha, A.V.Rane

EPDM polymers are the fastest growing general purpose elastomers on the market today. Blends of EPDM and other polyolefinic polymers are most commonly used ones. There has been a large improvement in the production of EPDM and PP blends and composites. The composite industry is now being improved from the micro level to the nano level. Biocomposites based on EPDM and polypropylenes are now becoming more popular than the organic based composites. EPDM and Polypropylene are not compatible with each other. Compatibilizers such as MA-g-EPDM are added in order to improve the compatibility of each other. In this review a study on various EPDM/PP blends and composites is carried out.

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