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A Review on Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare

Author(s): Karunasree P

The exaggerated threat of act of terrorism, the chance displayed by numerous microorganisms as biological warfare has to be evaluated and also the historical development and use of biological microorganisms better understood. Warfare agents could also be less assailable than typical and chemical weapons. Throughout the past century, the progress created in biotechnology and biochemistry has simplified the process and development of such weapons. Additionally, biotechnology holds maybe the foremost dangerous threat. Simple production and also the broad handiness of biological agents Associated in developing technical knowhow have Led to an additional unfold of biological weapons and an exaggerated want among developing countries to possess them. This text explains the ideas of warfare and its state of development, its utilization, and also the makes an attempt to regulate its proliferation throughout history. The threat of biological terrorism is real and significant; it's neither within the realm of fantasy nor confined to our nation.

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