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A Light Deflection due to Forcing a Light Beam Hogged in Passing by the Sun in the Cartesian Coordinate System

Author(s): Yasutsugu Ohki*

This paper proposes a new theory, given a beam reflected on a surface of the Mercury, to force the beam to hog in passing by the Sun. Under Maxwell’s exact differential equations, the theory is derived from postulations: (i) Every beam has multiple properties of mass density, momentum, energy, power, force. (ii) Every source of the beam radiates concurrently a mobile self-medium and the beam. (iii) The medium has a uniformity with isotropy, homogeneity, and partial differentiable continuity. (iv) The medium helps the electromagnetic field generate in itself. (v) The beam has an intrinsic repulsive force product of a time derivative of electric flux density and magnetic flux density. (vi) When a beam collides with the other beam at a right angle, a lifting force for the beam collided has a direction acting as an adverse effect in the conventional catenary theory. (vii) The catenary theory gets a constant negative β defined as a ratio of the lifting force to the repulsive force. (viii) From approximation of the catenary theory, the hogged angle Δθ (hog) changes (1/2) βX I (rad), where β is four divided by the speed of beam squared and X is an adequate distance forced to hog. Consequently, the angle Δθ (hog) results in nearly coincident with the well-known angle, Δθ=(1.75γ/2)/(d/Rs)[rad], where d is a distance between a surface of the Sun and the Mercury located at the perihelion point of the Mercury and Rs (a radius of the Sun), γ (a coefficient in a radian unit).

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