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virtual engineering top online publishing journals Despite successful practice of virtual engineering, there is evidence that putting advanced IT structures into improvement procedures cannot in itself lead t a real “quantum” exchange to control complexity and to obtain a decisively new degree of method have been at whilst we created them” (Albert Einstein), a new engineering technique is required comprising sizable technological and enterprise improvements in products, procedures and services. This results in the idea of digital engineering, which refers to a variety of scientific, technological, organisational and commercial enterprise sports using superior facts and communique techniques and equipment with major focus on technique and systems integration, immersive visualisation and “humanmachine-human” interaction. In particular, digital engineering way that design and validation activities arise collaboratively on the way to show early product designs, support choice making and enable non-stop product optimisation within interdisciplinary and cross-enterpise partnerships. This causes an essential redefinition of the general product improvement procedure for supporting

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