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A target audience is the particular community of people you want your marketing campaign to reach out to. They are the people most likely to buy your goods or services and are united by certain similar characteristics, such as demographics and behaviour. Three primary target marketing practices are segmentation, targeting , and positioning. These three phases constitute what is generally called the marketing cycle of S-T-P. A marketing strategy is to identify and define one or more target markets which are identified for business opportunities by a company's product or service. A target market analysis is a quantitative evaluation that helps you to segment the market based on recognizable features such as age, place, buying habits and hobbies. This research allows you to recognize the types of customers most likely to buy your product. Digital Journals are publications which are reviewed by academics and peers. The journals provide forum and motivates scientists, scholars, educators, engineers, and professionals in all respects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields computing, engineering, humanities, economics , social sciences, management , medical science , and related disciplines.

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