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 Innate nevus (plural nevi) is essentially a clinical term for a mole that you're brought into the world with. They're a typical sort of skin pigmentation. You may likewise hear them alluded to as intrinsic melanocytic nevi (CMN).    An intrinsic nevus appears as though a round or oval-molded fix of hued skin and is generally raised. They can be either a solitary shading or multi-hued. They can fluctuate in size from a small spot to something that covers an enormous piece of your body. Sometimes, they may have hair becoming out of them.    Your skin gets its shading from color creating cells called melanocytes. Nevi (moles) structure when these cells bunch together in one spot, as opposed to being uniformly appropriated all through our skin. On account of inborn nevi, this procedure occurs during the fetal stage.    An inherent nevus may decrease or bigger after some time. In different cases, it may get darker, raised, and progressively rough and bushy, particularly during adolescence. In uncommon cases, they may vanish totally.    Inborn nevi normally don't cause any indications, however they're every so often irritated when they're bigger. The skin additionally may be somewhat more delicate and effectively bothered than the encompassing skin.

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