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Journal of Clinical Trials aim is to develop knowledge about clinical trials including existing or new policy within the relevant areas, the impact of all kinds of clinical trials, and related medical research methodologies. It involves the clinical test of medicine, diagnostic techniques, and other therapeutic strategies before they're prescribed for the patients in real-time conditions. Clinical Research involves a cycle of events ranging from preclinical animal testing to varied stages of drug development before they're introduced within the marketplace for mass consumption. This journal for clinical studies expects outstanding contributions to disseminate novel information from the massive pool of medical data generated per annum and to receive a high impact factor. Safety and efficacy assessment is vital in medical practices. Clinical trials are referred to as maintaining a group of regulations and procedures that determine the security and effectiveness ofmedicines, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use. Regulations and guidelines are maintained globally for such issues alongside testing of novel drugs, new medical procedures, new medical devices, etc., where animal trials are followed by human trials. This clinical research journal may be a scholarly Open Access journal shall publish valuable scientific information on the newest developments within the sort of original articles, Protocols, Review articles, Case Reports, Short Communications, etc. altogether areas of the sector and making them freely available through online with none restrictions or the other subscriptions to researchers worldwide .