Nano computer alludes to a PC littler than the microcomputer, which is littler than the minicomputer. Microelectronic parts that are at the center of all cutting edges electronic gadgets utilize semiconductor transistors. The term nanocomputer is progressively used to allude to general figuring gadgets of size tantamount to a charge card. Present day Single-Board Computers, for example, the Raspberry Pi and Gumstix would fall under this order. Apparently, Smartphones and Tablets would likewise be named Nano computers. Nano computers may be worked in a few different ways, utilizing mechanical, electronic, biochemical, or quantum nanotechnology. There used to be agreement among equipment designers that it is far-fetched that nanocomputers will be made of semiconductor transistors, as they appear to perform altogether less well when contracted to sizes under 100 nanometers. Nevertheless designers decreased chip highlights to 22 nm in April 2012. In addition, Intel's 5 nanometer innovation viewpoint predicts 5 nm include size by 2022. The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors gives a modern agreement on highlight scaling adhering to Moore's Law. A Silicon-Silicon bond length is 235.2 pm, which implies that a 5 nm-width transistor would be 21 silicon iotas wide.