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Water system the board can majorly affect soil microorganisms and possible operators of seed rot, since the bounty of these specialists relies fundamentally upon levels of soil dampness. Dampness the board during neglected periods and in rotational harvests might be especially important in overseeing weedy rice (Fogliatto et al., 2010), however this methodology has not been read for DSR frameworks in Asia. Hosoi et al. (2010) likewise revealed a quickened demise of broke weedy rice seeds on the dirt surface because of introduction to cold temperatures during winter. In any case, next to no data is accessible to comprehend and control water system techniques to stifle weed seeds through rot.     Irrigation management the executive’s targets expanding food creation, adding to Monetary turn of events and diminishing neediness through upgrades in execution, Efficiency and maintainability of flooded agro business and water system frameworks it builds crop yield. It assists with developing prevalent harvests with the water gracefully according to need of the yields. 

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