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 Immunotherapy is a treatment method which improves or supress the body's resistant framework to battle against an ailment. Immunotherapies which improve the invulnerable reaction are called as actuation immunotherapies and those which lessen or stifle the resistant reaction are called as concealment immunotherapies. Immunotherapy is of numerous sorts however the significant immunotherapies for disease incorporate Monoclonal antibodies, Cancer immunizations and Non-explicit immunotherapies.    The Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC) is the open access, peer assessed diary that distributes on all parts of tumor immunology and disease immunotherapy, intending to enhance correspondence and advance logical comprehension in this quickly developing field. Subjects of intrigue run over the fundamental science-translational-clinical range and incorporate tumor-have connections, the tumor microenvironment, creature models, prescient and prognostic safe biomarkers, novel pharmaceutical and cell treatments, antibodies, blend resistant based treatments, and insusceptible related poisonousness.

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