Exercise Addiction

 Exercise compulsion is an unhealthy fascination with physical fitness and exercise it’s often a result of body image diseases and eating disorders. Exercise addiction can threaten health, causing injuries, physical damage due to inadequate probably the most contradictory of all the addictions. As well as being a widely promoted health behaviour, important for the prevention and treatment for a range of ailments rest and in some instances exercise Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders addicts display traits similar to those of other addicts, which include engaging in the behaviour even though it's causing physical harm inflexible in their thinking, similar to people with other addictions, and this can reinforce the pattern of addiction by helping them to exercise regularly meet the criteria for exercise compulsion. In the classic pattern of addiction, exercise addicts growth their amount of exercise to re-experience feelings of escapism or the natural high they had previously experienced with shorter periods of exercise. They report withdrawal symptoms when they are unable to exercise.  

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