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Dental trauma related to the trauma or damage to the teeth and/or periodontium, can be gums, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and close by soft tissues which includes lips and tongue. The study of these accidents is dealt in Dental traumatology. Dental trauma is relatively common and can occur secondary to falls, fights, wearing injuries, or motor car accidents. A have a look at sought to determine whether or not oral cavity cancers took place more generally at web sites of dental trauma. The have a look at concluded that oral hollow space cancers occur predominantly at websites of capacity dental and denture trauma, especially in non-smokers without other danger factors. Dental trauma refers to trauma to the teeth and periodontium and also nearby gentle tissues consisting of the lips, tongue, etc. The take a look at of dental trauma is referred to as dental traumatology. Traumatic dental injuries are more common in permanent enamel as compared to deciduous tooth and generally contain the front tooth of the upper jaw. Dental accidents are incredibly prevalent throughout adolescence and adolescence and have a good-sized impact on their oral health related exceptional of life (OHRQoL).

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