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Journal of Pollution Effects and Control deals with the introduction of contaminants into the indigenous environment that causes negative changes as destructiveness of condition, mischief to organic framework and style of our including. This journal covers regions like Environmental toxicology, Bioremediation, Public prosperity and Toxicogenomics and makes a phase for the authors to make their responsibility towards the journal.This Open Access journal hopes to appropriate the most complete and trustworthy wellspring of information on disclosures and current headways as novel articles, review articles, case reports, short exchanges, etc in each part of the field, making them uninhibitedly available online to the experts worldwide without any impediments and enrollments. Journal of Pollution Effects and Control is using Online Manuscript Submission System for unique duplicate convenience, review and following. Article board people from the Journal of Pollution Effects and Control or outside masters total the review strategy; in any occasion two self-sufficient analyst's underwriting trailed by the publication director is required for the affirmation of any citable unique duplicate 

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