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 Cloud Computing is a kind of processing that depends on imparting computing resources where distinctive administrations, for example, servers, storage and applications are conveyed to an association's machines and gadgets through the Internet. The target of cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing, or superior computing influence, ordinarily utilized by military and examination offices, to play out several trillions of computations for consistently, in client situated applications, for example, money related portfolios, to convey customized data, to give information on data storage or to impact vast, PC games. Audit articles are the summary of present status of understanding on a particular research topic. They analyze or discuss research recently published by scientist and academicians rather than detailing novel research results. Survey article comes in the structure of systematic reviews and literature reviews and are a structure of secondary literature. A Systematic audit determine a target list of criteria, and find all recently published original research papers that meet the criteria. They at that point compare the outcomes presented in these papers. Literature audits, conversely, provide a summary of what the authors accept are the best and generally relevant earlier publications. The concept of "survey article" is separate from the concept of peer-reviewed literature. It is workable for a survey to be peer-reviewed, and it is feasible for an audit to be non-peer-reviewed. The Journal of Computer Science and Systems Biology includes a wide range of fields in its discipline to create a platform for the authors to make their contribution as audit, research, small survey, short communication and so on towards the journal and the editorial office promises a companion survey process for the submitted manuscripts for the quality of publishing.    

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