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Common military tasks or CMO are exercises of a military power to limit common obstruction on and expand common help for military activities. CMO is directed related to battle activities during wartime and turns into a focal piece of a military crusade in counter-insurrections. A few militaries have particular units devoted to direct CMO, for example, common undertakings powers or structure teams explicitly for this reasons, for example, a joint common military activities team in the U.S. Military. Likewise, a few militaries have staff areas devoted to arranging and planning CMO for their order. CMO is frequently called common military co-activity or CIMIC in NATO tasks and common military co-appointment in UN activities.The exercises of an officer that set up, look after, impact, or adventure relations between military powers, administrative and nongovernmental regular citizen associations and specialists, and the non military personnel people in a neighborly, unbiased, or antagonistic operational region so as to encourage military tasks, to merge and accomplish operational US destinations. Common military tasks may incorporate execution by military powers of exercises and capacities ordinarily the obligation of the neighborhood, provincial, or national government. These exercises may happen preceding, during, or resulting to other military activities. They may likewise happen, whenever coordinated, without other military activities. Common military activities might be performed by assigned common undertakings, by other military powers, or by a mix of common issues and different powers 

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