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 The point of Cancer Genetics is to distribute excellent logical papers on the cell, hereditary and atomic parts of malignant growth, including disease inclination and clinical demonstrative applications. Explicit zones of intrigue incorporate depictions of new chromosomal, atomic or epigenetic adjustments in considerate and dangerous maladies; novel research facility approaches for recognizable proof and portrayal of chromosomal revisions or genomic modifications in malignant growth cells; relationship of hereditary changes with pathology and clinical introduction; and the sub-atomic hereditary qualities of disease inclination. To arrive at an essential science and clinical multidisciplinary crowd, we invite unique full-length articles, surveys, meeting synopses, brief reports, and letters to the supervisor.    Malignant growth is a strange development of cells and can invade and crush ordinary body tissue. Malignancy regularly can spread all through your body. There are in excess of hundred kinds of Cancers.    Quality is the essential physical and useful unit of heredity. Qualities are comprised of DNA. Qualities are the fundamental unit of hereditary qualities. People have 20,000 to 25,000 qualities.

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