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 The systematic approach to save aquatic biodiversity, for practical reason, has been initiated over the last 20 years, An important cause of delay in applying adequate conservation measures may be out of ignorance and indifference towards the implications of continued loose of aquatic biodiversity. The dispute between conservation and commercial interests play negative role against any effective action towards the biodiversity. There are several characteristics of the aquatic environment that present today are fishery managers, decision makers and conservation biologists with a special set of problems that require special attention. These differing characteristics may have contributed to the general lag of conservation efforts directed towards the aquatic environment. Along with these intentional and unintentional release in both marine and freshwater ecosystem and their disruptive effects has already been established internationally. Which include partial and complete substitution and extinction of local populations, spread of disease and compounded by many other negative interactions affects the genetic probity through hybridization.  

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