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Mini Review

, Volume: 12( 1) DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2023.11(4).339

Thermonuclear Space Geometry Theory and models of the multifaceted quantum system of the Sun

Solomon Budnik Independent Researcher, Israel, E-mail:

Received date: 28-March-2023, Manuscript No. tspa-23-93109; Editor assigned: 31-March-2023, Pre-QC No. tspa-23-93109 (PQ); Reviewed: 07-April-2023, QC No. tspa-23-93109 (Q); Revised: 11-April-2023, Manuscript No. tspa-23-93109 (R); Published: 25-April-2023, DOI. 10.37532/2320-6756.2023.11(4).339

Citation: Budnik S. Thermonuclear Space Geometry Theory and Models of the Multifaceted Quantum System of the Sun. J. Phys. Astron.2023;11(4):339.


Based on my published papers on the inherent structural parameters and functions of the ball lighting as a compound space plasmonic vortex and of the black hole as a macrospace energy vortex, we analyze here structural parameters of the creation and quantum processes of the Sun to be used on earth for quantum energy generation and storage. In re: in 2002, scientists have detected a strange new type of high-frequency vorticity wave on the sun's surface, and the waves were moving three times faster than scientists thought was possible.


Quantum; Energy


It seems that the Sun bends the space-time with its gravity so that light no longer travels in a straight line as it passes by the Sun.


We add that light does not simply passes by the sun but encircles it in a centrifugal motion to then escape Sun's gravity by accumulating energy momentum in outward acceleration, for the light's speed around the Sun is less then constant caused by the gravity limited energy of the light and the gravity absorption of the light, leading to shorter path length between each re-radiation cycle and longer delays, as in the black hole, where light eventually escapes with the jets of matter erupted from the black hole.

Secondly, we consider the Sun to be the quantum matrix or electromagnetic grid (FIG. 1) that condensed matter into self-regulating quantum nano fusion system of the perpetual nuclear chain reactions of the interconnected plasma units in each e.m. comb (FIG. 2) of the quantum grid system in harmonization of the quantum and light frequencies to secure Sun's quantum equilibrium in contrast to the hydrostatic equilibrium [1].


Figure 1: Sun to be the quantum matrix or electromagnetic grid.


Figure 2: Perpetual nuclear chain reactions of the interconnected plasma units in each e.m. comb.

In this context consider E = mc2, as a consequence of the special theory of relativity. Einstein’s equation showed that a tiny amount of mass could, in principle, be converted into a tremendous amount of energy. Such a process is taken place in our opinion in the tiny quantum space grids with quantum tunneling effects in the cluster ensemble of particles called the Sun. See FIG. 2 above and FIG. 3 below.


Figure 3: Cluster ensemble of particles.

We also think that that Sun's cosmic grid had initially the 2-dimensional structure (Einstein's blanket) that was then configured by gravity and spin momentum to a 3-dimensional structure that we call Sun nowadays.

We further state that in quantum field theory a field has a value for every point in space. The theory is that the points are in a metric space, i.e. they form a continuum (in the neighborhood of every point there are infinitely many other points) and there is continuous function defining the distance between any two points.

And that per our theory and model of the multifaceted quantum combs as cavities in the cluster ensemble of particles of the Sun as the cosmic energy storage system to be engineered on earth in quantum vortex per our design of the modular quantum fusion reactor.

So far, there is no proper definition and diagram how the sun was formed, so we took the liberty to envisage that process (see FIG. 4 below). It was previously assumed that the Sun was formed by the cluster of dust and gas that allegedly collapsed under its own gravity which we doubt, since said cluster didn't have enough mass, didn't spin around its own axis to trigger gravitational collapse and the Sun could not be a simple disk, otherwise it would collapse to form a black hole.


Figure 4: Our model of Sun's creation.

We see above Sun's vertical axis of matter and morphic compounds of hydrogen and helium in time-dependent density, separated by a cosmic collider of particles optimized by a hit compound and ignited by a morphic atomic resonance of the primordial cosmic shock wave and the morphing quantum gravity field which both created the core radiative zone, convective zone and the ball-shape of the Sun, its vortexes and the erupting plasma jets [2]. See FIG. 5 below for morphic resonance. In re: astronomers spotted galaxy-scale shock waves that could reveal clues about how the Sun was sculpted.


Figure 5: Morphic resonance.

It was also observed that the material from a filament of plasma erupting from the Sun's surface broke away and appeared to form a crown-like vortex over the solar north [3].

We accordingly identify here the position and momentum spaces of the Sun as a 3-dimensial structure. Position space (also real space or coordinate space) is the set of all position vectors r in space, and has dimensions of length.

In physics and geometry, there are two closely related vector spaces, usually three-dimensional but in general of any finite dimension. Position space (also real space or coordinate space) is the set of all position vectors r in space, and has dimensions of length; a position vector defines a point in space. (If the position vector of a point particle varies with time, it will trace out a path, the trajectory of a particle.)

Mathematically, the duality between position and momentum is an example of Pontryagin duality [4].

Cartesian coordinates:

So, Sun's structural evolution was in the transformation from Cartesian coordinates to spherical coordinates in a shape like the Bloch Sphere, where kinetic energy of particles is propagated via quantum coordinates [5].

Moreover, and based on a new theory of acoustics FIG 6, (see the book by Solomon Budnik "The Absolute Tone"), we assume that the Sun was created by a vibrating magnetic field in a Chladni- like effect of 2-dimensional standing wave patterns as in a lab experiment when a plate is vibrated at the frequency of a resonant normal mode. In fact, under the laws of quantum mechanics, which describe the way physics works at the atomic scale, vibrations should behave not only as waves, but also as particles as individual units of energy known as phonons [6-9]. In re: scientists at MIT and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology observed a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions that characterize the atomic processes in solar cells.


Figure 6: New Theory of Acoustics

In quantum mechanics, which describes action on a subatomic scale, random fluctuations can produce matter and energy out of nothingness, so, we assume that the Sun was created in that way.

Ergo: modular quantum resonant plasma reactor could be built per our model in FIG. 4 and info in this article.