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Original Article

, Volume: 10( 7) DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2022.10(7).286

The Universe has no Expansion

Yang Yu Xin
School of Information Dehong Teachers' College, Yunnan, China

Received date: 30-June-2022, Manuscript No. M- tspa-22-68141; Editor assigned: 1-July-2022, PreQC No. tspa-22-68141(PQ); Reviewed: 19- July-2022, QC No. tspa-22-68141(Q); Revised: 20-July-2022, Manuscript No. tspa-22-68141(R); Published date: 29-July-2022, DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2022.10(7).286

Citation: Xin Y.Y. The Universe has no Expansion. J Phys Astron.2022;10(7):286.


The so-called universe expansion is a kind of illusion. This is because we are in a high-velocity and huge-distance observation result, this paper will calculate, analyze and prove that universe expansion is an illusion and put forward the universe’s hierarchy configuration theory.


Universe expansion illusion; Vresultant; Connecting sleeve superposition movement


There is no expansion in the universe, the so-called cosmic inflation that people see is an illusion. I would like to summarize this phenomenon as follows. The theory is divided into five part, part one to part fourth tries to analyses and calculation of the illusion of the universe expansion. The fifth part divide the hierarchical structure of the universe [1].

First the earth revolution velocity is about 30m/s, the solar system revolution velocity is about 250 km/s, the galaxy revolution velocity about is 600 km/s. This kind of movement is complicated. Our all working of observing extragalactic system is in highvelocity motion, Here only three kinds of sports are considered, In fact, the form of movement is much more complicated FIG.1.


Figure 1: Observer anagalactic nebula moves with Velocity Vresultant.

Explain why Relative to the observer anagalactic nebula moves with velocity Vresultant

This movement is a movement in the following relationship ⊂ earth ⊂ solar system ⊂ galaxy ⊂ , relative to extragalactic system, the earth in a middle of connecting sleeve superposition movement of the solar system and galaxy’s rotation and revolution. relative to extragalactic system, observers on earth forced by affected the earth, solar systems and galaxy’s rotation and revolution, make us at a high velocity movement, as shown in FIG 1, when taking A position as the stationary reference system, The observer A see the extragalactic system B in velocity Vresultant to move in the opposite direction [2].

In this paper the Vresultant=the earth, solar system and galaxy a variety movement resultant velocity (Vresultant), and the direction (Direction is changing)=650km/s (This is an estimate of the value).

As shown in FIG.2, respectively taking the earth revolution velocity Vearth, solar sytem revolution velocity Vsolar sytem and galaxy system revolution velocity Vgalaxy system to the a position, then in the A position ti moment’s resultant Vresultant. At this ti moment, taking A as a stationary system of reference, the extragalactic system B is velocity Vresultant to move in the opposite direction.


Figure 2: In such a high speed motion state we have seen the red shift effect in the distant direction.

There is no space to consider the case of Vresultant in the other direction Vresultant It makes people see the phenomenon of red shift [3].

Formula Deduction of Universe Inflation Illusion

The following FIG.3 is an utilize triangle principle to derivation 2000000000 light-years away the universe expansion illusion velocity and derivation the process of acceleration.


Figure 3: The universe expansion illusion velocity and derivation the process of acceleration.

A, C1, C2 three points in a line. A, B1, B2 three points are in a line, the B1, C1 hypothesis point and AC1= 1 light-years= 9460730472580.8 km T(C2B2 ) = 2 seconds.

The derivation process is as follows: In a short time there are AC2⊥C2B2 [4]

Because ΔA1 B1 C1 ~ A2 B2 C2

There are

In the middle above formula the value is greater.

The formula of universe inflation illusion velocity

The formula of universe inflation illusion acceleration speed

pay attention to: respectively, as shown in FIG.3 extragalactic system in direction’s initial velocity, terminal velocity and acceleration velocity namely,when extragalactic system farther away from our, It “expansion” value: AB2-AC2 will greater. If AC1=1 light years= 9460730472580.8km. Considering the galactic rotation and revolution I estimate a value is 650km/s, At the beginning of, human observations the distant extragalactic system need to use instrument and equipment to see and hear. People's eyes and ear is also a kind of equipment, if it taking T= 2 seconds to calculate. In 2 seconds there are: B1C1= 650×T= 650×2 =1300 km,


Because AB1-AC1= 8.9316570475080007959781853054418e-8 (km/2)

(This is the basic reason of radio interference noise signal).


=178.63314095016001591956370610884(km/2s), exactly, 89.316570475080007959781853054418 (km/s).

In comparison B2 C2 and B1 C1 , the B2 C2 =20000000000.9 B1 C1 . This is only the result of human viewing from the visual [5].

In accordance with the above calculation analysis, if we can see 10000000000 light-years’s extragalactic nebula, so this illusion expansion speed will reach 446.582852375400039798909 (km/s). when extragalactic system farther away from ours, It “expansion” value: AB2-AC2 will greater.

Under background of this expansion illusion, of course, distance away from us the extragalactic system. it the expansion speed is also faster, naturally was arise acceleration expansion phenomenon. When the extragalactic system has many extragalactic system. We will see the illusion that they are expansion at the same time. The same is true of microwave background radiation [6].

To the astronomers can only on the expansion of the Universe speed approximate estimate Sure it at 50 km/sec and 100 km/s, Freedman et al. New measurement data for 72 km/sec, Just in between them. most new measurement data is abou 74 km/sec. When time t=1hours, then AB2-AC2, its value will be greater. Or t= 10 years then AB2-AC2, its will be very large.

Analysis and Calculation of Universe Inflation Illusion

Hypothesis A,C1,C2 three points in a line, A,B1,B2 three points are in a line, the B1,C1 hypothesis point and AC1=0.1 light years=946073047258.08km (Equal to the 1 light years one-tenth). T( C2 B2) = 2 seconds FIG.4.


Figure 4: The following diagram is also an utilize approximate triangle principle to derivation 2000000000 light-years away the universe expansion illusion velocity and derivation the process of acceleration.

The same (1) reasoning, there is, if AC1=0.1 light years= 946073047258.08km (Equal to the 1 light years one-tenth), Considering the galactic rotation and revolution. I estimate a value is 650km/s, In 2 seconds There are:


Because AB1- AC1 = 8.9316570475080006652716078261771e-7 (km/ s)

(This is the basic reason of radio interference noise signa).

AB2AC2 = 2000000000.9×8.9316570475080006652716078261771e7

=17863.314 095819850464818935(km/2s), exactly, 8931.657047909925232 (km/s) [7].

In comparison B2C2 and B1C1, the B2C2=20000000000.9 B1C1 (This is only the result of human viewing from the visual). So, when C1 is closer to A, namely when AC1 Smaller, there is (AB2-AC2) become greater (This is only the result of human viewing from the visual, This is also the red shifteffect). So, in the same way, we can calculate prove the illusion that all remote distance extragalactic system are far away from us [8].

The value taken here is t = 2 seconds, When t>2 seconds, the value of AB2-AC2 will be bigger,People see it through all the means of observation or people get this bloated illusion, Including microwave background radiation.

This with the human observation equipment working principle have relationship-for example, there is a close relationship with observation equipment’s focal length So the universe in expansion and the big explode theory is a serious error theory. The socalled universe inflation, this is due to the result of resultant velocity Vresultant,huge distance, Observation on the high velocity movement, working principle of observation equipment and human visual observation to Show this phenomenon,

The backstepping method in calculation distant X and resultant Vresultant

(1) Solve extragalactic system distance from the observer [9,10].

If Vresultant=650km/s, A galaxy far away from our speed is 74 km/sec, The distance that galaxies with us is X.

So, AB2 - AC2 X 8.9316570475080007959781853054418e-8 = 74

X = 74×2÷8.9316570475080007959781853054 = 1657027349.04373772780039 light years (2).
Solve the exact value of Vresultant. Assuming a distance of galaxies with us is Rq, It is far from our speed is Vq(km/sec), The distance That extragalactic system with us is X,

Put forward the theory of hierarchy structure of the universe

Infinite universe or Universe infinity types exist that the condition is it can only exist in the form of hierarchical structure. The structure of the Universe is a hierarchy structure, in the infinite enormous of universe. Human use equipment can see is not worth mentioning [11].

So, the structure of universe can be expressed as below, It's just a different hierarchical of their relationship sketch, Their relationship is… ⊂ atomic level ⊂ Planet level ⊆ galaxies level ⊂ β level ⊂ ρ level ⊂ …, one of them( ⊂ ) is mean representative contained in or belonging to a relationship, ⊆ The equal sign is considering the super stars or the existence of dark matter. The distance between stars Planet , the distance between the galaxies galaxies , the distance between the β systems β(Prodigious distance) , the distance between the ρ systems ρ(Can't imagine distance). The relationship between them is ρ>> β>> galaxies>> Planet

: Expressing estimators of a average distance, >> Expressing far greater than, β systems is now found to be approximately hundreds of billions of galaxies. They estimate that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies. But this is not the entire universe all, only small part of the universe and not worth mentioning.


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