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Short commentary

, Volume: 11( 3) DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2023.11(3).330

The Fermi Paradox

Volker W. Thürey
Independent Researcher, Bremen, Germany,

Received date: 15-February-2023, Manuscript No. tspa-23-89448; Editor assigned: 18-February-2023, Pre-QC No. tspa-23-89448 (PQ); Reviewed: 27-March-2023, QC No. tspa-23-89448 (Q); Revised: 3-March-2023, Manuscript No. tspa-23-90727 (R); Published: 6-March-2023, DOI. 10.37532/2320-6756.2023.11(3).330

Citation: Thürey W. V. The Fermi Paradox. J. Phys. Astron.2023;11(3):330.


A solution to the Fermi paradox is the imagination that intelligent species are ‘seldom’. I justify this by the statement that during the evolution of the species the aliens do not care about nature. When they learn to rule the nature they destroy it, like humans are destroying it now, although they are generated by the nature. However, nature is necessary.


Fermi Paradox; Aliens

One possible explanation of the Fermi Paradox is the idea that intelligent life forms are very ‘rare’ in the universe. Seemingly this contradicts the huge number of extrasolar planets. It is a common belief that as a consequence a large number of technically developed civilizations exist. Here I justify the contrary.

A few years ago during a discussion about aliens the famous Italian physicist Enrico Fermi asked his colleagues ‘Where is everybody?’. This is known as the Fermi Paradox since it is a widespread opinion that intelligent life is common in the galaxy. The reason is the huge number of extrasolar planets. Therefore the probability of the development of life would be high. Life develops automatically into intelligent life. At least the last sentence is provably wrong. On earth, about two thirds of the surface is the sea, and only one third is solid. In the sea, there is no intelligent life (except perhaps whales; but their ancestors have lived on land). Intelligent life did not develop in the sea.

There is the famous Drake equation, which estimates number of intelligent life forms in the universe. In this product, there is a variable ‘L’ which stands for ‘Longevity’. It also could have the meaning of ‘Lifespan’. The general belief is that ‘L’ has a value of about a few million years, but I believe that it would be less than 1000 years. The reason for this is the following.

Intelligent life forms are products of evolution. When they develop technics and learn to rule nature they destroy it, since for millions of years nature has been their enemy. They were at the mercy of nature, and they did not understand it. Finally, they increase in number, and in the end, they destroy nature and their society. Our behavior is an example. I believe that climate change is a major threat to humanity, but the majority of people do not realize it.

I think that ‘Fridays for Future’ is more a social movement than a climate struggle. Members feel good to be a part of a ‘fight for the climate’, but it will change nothing. Our society is not possible without destroying the environment.

I believe that Stephen Hawking was both a very clever man and a jerk. He said that mankind has to move to other planets. This would be nearly impossible since we are products of evolution, and only on earth, the conditions are suitable in some places. When someone moves, he moves to Florida or California, or other places with a pleasant climate. Nobody moves into Antarctica. Humans do something only when they think they can improve their situation.

People talk about our future, and they imagine something like a ‘Dyson sphere’ or an ‘O’Neill cylinder’, and they think about the ‘Kardashev scale’. I believe that all this is impossible since this requires unity, but people are individuals. Many people have worked for the moon landing of the USA, but this is no rebuttal since it was made to beat the Soviets.

There is a search for extraterrestrial civilizations called SETI. They detect nothing. This is called the ‘Great Silence’. I think that SETI is a waste of money since there are no extraterrestrial civilizations.

Mathematically there is no problem. There are about 1020 planets in the universe. The probability of the development of life is a positive number, say 10-30. The probability of the development of intelligent life is even smaller. This means that we are perhaps the only intelligent life form in the universe.

It is noteworthy that television programs like ‘Star Trek’ require a velocity larger than the speed of light. Interstellar travel is impossible with the current level of technology, due to the large distances to other star systems. Of course, I do not know what will be developed in the future.

We have capitalism, the only way for a free society. Here there is medical science. Medical care is contrary to evolution. Nature kills someone who has an anomalous behavior or appearance. Many people believe in technical progress. I think that it is a cul-de-sac. Agriculture destroys the soil in the long term. People will die of hunger.

Most of the statements are claims. Of course, I cannot prove them. They are only personal views.


We thank Jana Crosby for a careful reading.