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, Volume: 10( 1) DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2022.10(1).257

Discovery of Living Beings Made of The Photons of Infrared

Sadique Chemmala
Department of English, University of Calicut, India
Tel: 8943367537

Received: December 04, 2021, Manuscript No. M-49032; Editor assigned: December 07, 2021,PreQC No. P 49032; Reviewed:December 21, 2021, QC No.49032; Revised: December 27, 2021, Manuscript No. R-49032; Published: January 3, 2022, DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2022.10(1).257

Citation: Sadique Chemmala. Discovery of Living Beings Made of the Photons of Infrared. J Phys Astron. 2022;10(1):257.


This research is about a discovery of living-beings made out of photons of infrared which humans cannot see with his naked eyes, but they were discovered by the help of a surveillance camera which I have been using for recording at nights in various places and eventually it captured these creatures in two sizes multiple times having some more qualities than usual light. I submitted this research after I collected maximum information possible within three years and those are described here.


Photons; Living-beings; Infrared; Electromagnetic radiation; Surveillance camera


Before three years I started this research according to some information about living-beings which humans cannot see directly but some animals can. Then I decided to find the truth about this and collected maximum information about these creatures within one and half years. After that, I knew if they are existing and human cannot see it’s because of one of these reasons like maybe they are living somewhere human did not reach yet or they are composed of any one of the categories of electromagnetic radiation except visible light or with something that is unknown for human that he cannot see or they absorb visible light completely. While seeking the possibility of the second reason which is more simple than other reasons to find, I started to use my smartphone camera to record video at nights because they will be more visible at night than daytime and if they are made of Ultraviolet or Infrared near to visible light then maybe the camera can detect them, in some places like forests as per an information that they reside in remote areas and old ruined homes where human usually do not visit, my searching continued for more than one year and I got nothing. After that, I bought a surveillance camera to get the job done. While continuing the research surprisingly I got some visuals about this species as given below in the form of pictures, videos, observations and findings.

Discovery of Living Beings made of the Photons of Infrared

The newly discovered species named Infra-beings made out of the photons of infrared which were detected in surveillance camera in a shining sphere shape have been proved that they are able to travel very slower than “C” and change their directions. Surprisingly we can believe that there will be a massive difference between these creatures and light as well as the difference between a living and a non-living being. It’s life that helps them to do all activities like controlling their speed and moving in different directions unlike light while it can travel only in straight lines usually and cannot travel slower than 299,705 kilometers per second in air [1]. This would be definitely one of the greatest discoveries of the decade. They were spotted in multiple places (backyard of a house (FIG.1 and FIG.2) and a place near to an agricultural area (FIG.3) and Infront of a ruined home near Nilambur railway station (FIG.4)) of Nilambur, Kerala state, India at night by using a surveillance camera with an infrared night vision sensor. They were detected in two sizes, the first one is less bright and larger in size and the second one is brighter than the first one but small in size might be the younger one than the first or they are two genders from the same species as we see in animals or they are two species. The small one emits more light continuously unlike fireflies and can focus their emitting light on specific area like shown in FIG.5. It is likely to believe that they had been evolved before thousands of years from any star or star’s particles which are the prime source of photons of infrared in our universe. We do not know yet how they perceive the world having no eyes, ears or any organs that are like other insects and animals. I took almost 3 years to figure out what these creatures are by observing them through surveillance camera in different places and searching for more details about them in texts if any. By the discovery of them and their unique qualities like traveling very slower than light and changing directions, we can expect that they can also travel faster than “C” since they are made of photons and are living beings. If it is proved scientifically then they will be the fastest creatures ever known in our universe.


Figure 1: Big one spotted in the backyard of a house.



Figure 2: Small and brighter one spotted in the same backyard.


Figure 3: Big one spotted near an agricultural area.



Figure 4: A small one spotted Infront of a ruined old home near Nilambur railway station.


Figure 5: Emitted light was focused in a specific area and it is marked in red rectangle shape and small Infra-being is marked in red round shape.


Usual Doubts and Answers

How can you make sure that they are not made of the photons of visible light?

In an experiment conducted to get the exact answer of this question I placed the surveillance and a smartphone camera in two different positions in the same backyard of the house. In that experiment the surveillance camera detected the large sized one and the smartphone camera could not capture them due to the infrared cutoff filter even they passed before the camera frame as shown in the picture below [2]. Smartphone was marked in a rectangle and infra-being in a circle. If they are made out of the photons of visible light then smartphone camera could have captured them. This experiment proves that they are not made of the photons of visible light FIG.6.


Figure 6: See the visibility of photons in the night.

Why this is not a usual light from a source like a torch or an LED or something like that?

If it is a torch light or anything like that, there will be definitely black parts inside the gloving round shape in above FIG.7 due to the absence of something that can reflect the light while there is nothing but a tree beyond that being as shown in the below figure which was captured at day time and position of infra-being at night is marked in red.


Figure 7: See the visibility of photons in the day.

How to prove that they are made of the photons of infrared radiation?

In an experiment which was conducted at the backyard of the house, a piece of laminated glass which was extracted from a windshield was placed before the camera to know If infra-being passes before that glass the camera can detect them, if they are made out of the photons of infrared. And if they are made of ultra violet the camera cannot detect them because laminated glass can block up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays [3]. After the experiment it was observed that camera could detect the infra-being through the laminated glass proves that they are made of the photons of infrared as shown in the FIG.8 and FIG.9, and usual camera sensors (CCD and CMOS sensors are sensitive to wavelengths from approximately 350 nm-1050 nm, although the range is usually given from 400 nm-1000 nm) [4] are insensitive or less sensitive to ultraviolet rays, that’s why cameras do not use an in-built UV filter like IR filters [5] you can see a part of infra-being through and another part not through the glass in FIG.9, and this one is the least bright infra-being I ever observed. This can be observed in video footages more clearly.


Figure 8: The least bright infra-being through the glass.



Figure 9: Another part of infra-being not through the glass.


How to prove that they are living beings?

Light cannot change its direction itself without a force like gravity or encountering an object or something like that, and we know earth has not that much powerful gravity to bend light or change its direction and we never found something that can do so here on earth. And the final possibility is it should be a living being that can move itself like other living beings do [6,7].

How to logically prove that they can travel faster than ‘C’?

It is the basic instinct of light to travel at the speed of ‘C’, when it gets life it can definitely control the speed and do other things like living beings. And we have seen in the video it traveled very slowly and changes its direction unlike usual light. Along with these unique qualities we can logically expect that they can also travel faster than ‘C’. And we see around us what a living being can do differently from a non-living thing.

How can you say the small one is made of infrared while you could not observe that through laminated glass and the camera is sensitive up to 350 nm?

I cannot confirm that the small one is made of the photon of infrared until now for the reasons mentioned in the question, but because of the less sensitivity of camera to ultraviolet we can expect the small one is also an infra-being.

If they can travel faster than ‘C’ then why do they travel very slowly here?

Because they do not want to travel at the speed of light from one point to another here, since it is too much speed on the surface of earth (light can travel around the Earth 7.48 times per second if it goes around the equator and 7.49 times if it travelled around the poles) [8].

How can you prove scientifically that they can travel faster than ‘C’?

We need more advanced devices to observe them above the earth where they are likely to travel faster than the speed of light.

Some Assumes

• As per it can travel faster than ‘C’ they might also be capable of doing extra terrestrial voyage and maybe they are doing

• According to the special theory of relativity (time slows down for anything that travels at the speed of light) and above mentioned possibility we can assume that they can live for many more years than any animals [9]

• In future we might be able to calculate their age according to their size and brightness

• We may find them in future in different shapes or sizes

• If we can communicate with them, we might can use them to disclose the very secrets of our universe

• Having no organs like animals or insects they might rely on electromagnetic radiation for perceiving the world and communication like electric eels use electric waves and we use radio waves for communication [10]


By the discovery of infra-beings, we just opened a door to a new world of living beings that is completely different from what we have found until now. And we are going to start sophisticated discussions between life science and electromagnetism which we have been considering those two are entirely different topics for many years. Along with these, we are about to add more chapters to the field of optics.