X-ray structure determination of 8-quinoly-l-1,4- butane diether

Author(s): Huiying Zhan, Yufeng Jiang

The title compound 8-quinolyl-1,4-butane diether have been synthesized and prepared crystal. Crystal structure of compound characterized on an four-circle diffractometer. Data of crystallography: a=9.658(1)Å, b=9.810(2)Å, c=11.311(2)Å, á=86.63(1)°, â=68.12(1)°, ã=63.94(1)°. Crystalis triclinic system, space group P-T, V=886.3(2)Å3, Z=2, Dc=1.30g/cm3, Mr=344.4, R=0.043. Crystal structure were solved by direct methods (MITHRIL Program).

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