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Waves (Gravity and Electromagnetism Black Hole)

Author(s): Adel Fathy Dargham

Solar system consists of the sun and a number of planets orbiting them and orbits different of the planets, each plant has its own orbit according to its mass and density, small rocky planets are closest to the sun, while the huge gas planets are the farthest, because gases are low-density and not affected by gravity to a large extent, so density is essential in gravity between objects and on the basis of the ratio between mass and density, the final result of the attraction is, mars for example, has a mass of (11%) of earths mass, if mass were the only force in gravity, mars would have been in the second orbit after mercury, this is because mars is the least planet of mass after mercury, but because its low density it is in fourth orbit. As the outer planets with very high masses, while its density is low, increased mass does not mean that density increases. 

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