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The Theory of "Gravilon or Spacetime Particles" as an Explanation for Gravity and Light using The Same Particles and Light Speed Limit. The explanation for Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Mass. The explanation for Why Small Particles Follow Quantum Mechanics but Larger Particles Follow the Einstein Relativity with Resolution of Black Holes Singularity

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Movahed

There has always been a question about what transmits electromagnetic waves and/or gravitational forces. Furthermore, the nature of dark matter and dark energy remains elusive. This paper is introducing a new simple theory that may explain many unexplained phenomena in physics. This theory should stimulate many physicists and mathematicians for a new way of thinking about our universe and unsolved mysteries in physics. In this theory, the presence of new particles in the universe called “Spacetime or Gravilon (Gravi for gravity and L for light and on for transmission)”, are proposed as the replacement for the space time fabric / field described by Einstein. The fact that gravity and light have the same speed for their propagation can be explained by the presence of Spacetime particles as they utilize the same vehicle (Spacetime particles) for their effect. The presence of Spacetime particles in the universe may explain the unknown phenomena called dark matter. The maximal possible contraction of time particles between space particles can explain why light or any matter cannot surpass the maximal speed of light and why time nearly stops with the light speed. These particles are simplified in this paper but are most likely complicated structures that could have more dimensions than the known four dimensional space time and could be very diverse in nature with multiple subunits than simple illustration in this paper. However, in the core, these particles are made from two fundamental parts. One part contains space particles connected to each other via other part time particles. Time particles could have particle quality but could also be pure energy. Basically, these Gravilon particles introduced in this paper have two major components. One is space and the other one is time. Space particles connected to the time particles could explain Spacetime effect known in the relativity theory. The main difference between this theory and the Einstein relativity, is the fact that this theory is introducing Spacetime particles instead of Space-time fabric. Connection of space with time particles can also explain relativity. Furthermore, interaction of these particles with matter can give matters their masses as an explanation for why matter has mass. Higgs bosons and fields could be also a part of Spacetime particles. This simple theory could also explain limitations of light speed and why light and gravity have the same speed for their effect. Furthermore, probably the distance between Spacetime particles can be stretched or contracted to fit small propagating particles in between based on their sizes. However, these stretching, and contraction properties should have limits. Those particles that can fit between the Spacetime particles before reaching the maximal stretching capability of Spacetime particles will behave mostly as quanta following quantum mechanics rules. Once propagating particles are too large to fit between Spacetime particles, then the quanta's behavior will weaken or disappear making them follow the Einstein relativity theory. This mechanism can clearly explain why the size of particles are important in order to determine their behaviors. Spacetime particles have most likely their own gravitational forces like any particles in the universe. With their gravitational forces, many fundamental particles are attached to or are in between Spacetime particles including photons, electrons and more. These particles are most likely the vehicle of propagating photons and small particles explaining why small particles are propagating as a wave using Spacetime particles but losing wave character once interacting with matter as it will lead to the loss of Spacetime wave collapse. Another theory would be the theory that space particles can change to photons or other small particles under specific circumstances explaining wave and particle duality. Loss of gravity due to disintegration of Spacetime particles in the center of a black hole secondary to extreme forces can resolve the problem with singularity in the black holes. Gravitational forces of Spacetime particles can make Spacetime particles to be the same as dark matter. In galaxies, these particles are squeezed together due to high gravitational forces of stars and black holes leading to higher gravitational forces of Spacetime particles itself per unit space acting as dark matter in galaxies. Dark energy also can be explained by the gravitational forces of the multiverse around our universe pulling our galaxies apart using Spacetime particles between the universes as space can never be empty anywhere. The entire world is most likely packed with basic Spacetime particles but each universe after each own big bang should have individual modified surrounding Spacetime particles. Spacetime particles between universes could transmit gravitational forces of each universe to others leading to expansion of the neighboring universes including ours.

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