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The speed of propagation of background radiation

Author(s): V.A. Tokarev and G.I. Kuleshov

We have experimentally found that the speed of propagation of the relict background radiation is 123 km/s. The obtained result is confirmed by the excessively large width of its autocorrelation function, which is possible only if the signal propagation speeds before and after reflection from the mirror of an offset parabolic pointed antenna differs by several orders of magnitude. In addition, the width of the autocorrelation function of the signal received from the blue shift of the background radiation spectrum and from the red shift differs by 2.4 times, which is possible only if the total speed of the Earth’s motion in the Galaxy is comparable to the speed of the propagation of relict radiation. The low speed of propagation of the relict radiation leads to a significant expansion of its correlation function due to refraction in the presence of clouds and other inhomogeneities in the atmosphere, which is absolutely absent when receiving satellite television broadcast signals under exactly the same conditions and is an indicator of the cosmological cause of the detected anomalies.

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