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The Second Postulate of Special Relativity is Incompatible with the Observations

Author(s): Dino Bruniera

The Michelson-Morley experiment should have revealed that the speed of light is not isotropic, instead it resulted isotropic. In order to justify this result, FitzGerald and Lorentz hypothesized that all objects that move in the aether, undergo a contraction in the direction of motion, thus making the speed of light result isotropic, while in reality it is not. Instead Einstein formulated the Special Relativity, whose second postulate states that the speed of light would be isotropic in all inertial frames of reference. But Lorentz continued to support his thesis, because it had been demonstrated that light is a wave phenomenon which, therefore, needs a medium to manifest itself, so that its speed can be isotropic only relative to said medium and therefore not also relative to a inertial frame of reference moving relative to the medium. But it was Einstein that won Lorentz! But if the CMB and its dipole anisotropy, had already been observed at that time, who would have won? Lorentz would have won, because he could have demonstrated that the speed of light cannot be isotropic, thus invalidating the second postulate of the Special Relativity and, consequently, even the theory itself. Which I did, through two demonstrations

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