The quarks (u, d, t) and magnetic monopoles themselves pairs production by the Schwinger effect at the end of inflation at the origin of CMB B-curl pattern, matter creation and of the Higgs field

Author(s): Stefan Mehedinteanu

In present work, is established a correlation with Inflation Dynamics, especially at the reheating era, when the Inflaton field is sufficiently strong, and the energy of the vacuum can be lowered, in order to create by Schwinger effect pairs, of quarks (u, d, t), gluons, bosons (W), gluons (monopoles), the magnetic monopoles themselves (of spin 1). Also, in the work is calculated the Inflation Dynamics putting in evidence all the epochs (quarks, hadrons, leptons). That ours permitting to observe that the potential nears the end of reheating (at quarks epoch) is very much reduced, thus, at H m s end 1  106 [ ]  0.003 , the potential becomes Vend = 100GeV; at confinement H m s end 1  109 [ ]3.3 , V = 100MeV, and the quarks pairs created by Schwinger effect, get 2.6MeV. Therefore, apparently, is not any trace of an external residual field like of Higgs field. In others words, the Inflation can not explains the Higgs field, only, if we consider that the top (t) and antitop ( t ) quarks pairs also, produced by Schwinger effect, they form a bound state, that is a composite Higgs boson field as in the frame of Topcolor model. This is a model of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking in which the top quark and anti-top quark form a top quark condensate and act effectively like the Higgs boson. This is analogous to the phenomenon of superconductivity. These theories will ultimately be tested at the LHC in its Run- II commencing in 2015. In our present model, the things are similarly, an equivalence of my model with that of the Standard Model, is given in previously author’ works. Thus, in my model the Inflaton potential, by Schwinger effect during the reheating period, generates all kinds of particles: gluons, magnetic monopoles themselves, and fermions (quarks, top quarks). In the model, theses gluon-gluon interactions constrain color fields to string-like objects called “flux tubes”, which exert constant force when stretched. The difference with Standard Model, is that it results a probability  1 (or a continuously production rates) for gluons, and a number of 1090 quarks. Finally, at all the gluons are being captured by all 3  flux_tubes generated by ee quarks ( 1090) pairs, together forming nucleons of an incredibly exactly number  1090, which is the known number of particles in Universe. Since, the reheating potential continues to diminish, at approximately V  0.1[GeV]-that corresponding to confinement, the production of gluons (monopoles) quarks stops. But, a near .e. field it was created inside nucleons, as was found in previously author’s works. This field makes possible the beta decay of free neutrons, and later of isotopes. Also, this field creates a Lorenz force between quarks flux tube and gluons (in structures of gauge monopoles type current), that is found to explain the gravity of nucleons (mass). There are found the number and mass of top quarks pairs locked in Higgs field and its decay. Also, is discovered the exact origin of primordial magnetic field (PMF) which can B-imprints CMB, namely, the magnetic flux of magnetic (anti)monopole coupled in strings, and generated by a the same Schwinger effect. Thus, at the end of CMB time, all (1090) of magnetic monopoles pairs produced are already bounded in strings, and the light of B – curl type imprinted is due of theirs magnetic field resulted to be BPMF = BCMB  1.5  10–12[T], either as itself, or by Faraday rotation of 0.051rad  2.95 that gives l = 68, for a frequency of 41GHz. Therefore, the monopoles pairs suppression by bounding its in strings, that explains the magnetic monopoles absence mentioned in Iflation works. Also, in order to “pass” the plasma period as to be formed by particles, it needs to preserve the magnetic field in some way, like in theses strings, till CMB. That, it is not the case with gravitational field, which it is not affected by this plasma.

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