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The nature of dark matter

Author(s): Pascal Wery

"Dark matter is one of the greatest unknowns and yet it is the most important gravitational factor in the universe. Indeed, dark matter is the most numerous matter and its mass influences the design of the cosmos. It has enabled the formation and maintenance of the galactic structures. Thus it is very difficult to understand the universe without knowing its properties. However it reacts only with Gravity and not with the others fundamental forces. It is not a « weak » reaction but a total absence of direct reaction with a full spin. Indeed, dark matter is not only invisible to us because it does not have a detectable electromagnetic field, but it also does not show any nuclear reaction whatsoever. Finally, it seems to be able to influence only large areas, which suggests that it is unable to concentrate too much. So the only thing we know about dark matter is not its properties, but its « non-proprieties », in other words, what it doesn’t do, that is, react with our own fundamental forces (except Gravity) in addition to covering only large areas (large gravitational lenses). So dark matter remains a great mystery. However, if the problem is posed differently, there is a way to understand it. “ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ” Albert Einstein "

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