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The Mirror Reversal Mechanism on Black Hole Collapse and Singularity Eruption in Cosmic Continuum

Author(s): Xijia Wang

In the Big Bang Theory and the Black Hole Theory, the existing laws of physics all fail at the singularity, and the singularity has become a blind spot in the existing scientific theories. In the axioms system of cosmic continuum, the universe was not created by an instantaneous explosion, but by the continuous eruption of singularities. As long as the singularity is still erupting, the total amount of the universe will continue to increase. The so-called dark energy is actually the gravitational field energy erupted by the singularity. The expansion force of dark energy is generated by the outward eruption of singularity. The cosmic system collapse into a Schwarzschild black hole under the action of a strong gravitational field, and the Planck spheres at the center of the black hole continues to collapse into dark mass bodies, forming dark celestial body and singularity. The Schwarzschild radius is the upper limit of a black hole, and the Planck sphere is the lower limit of a black hole. The singularity is the conversion point between the old and new cosmic systems. The singularity erupts the Planck spheres under the action of a strong gravitational field, and the Planck spheres expands outward to form a new cosmic system. The Planck sphere is both the end of the old cosmic system and the starting point of the new cosmic system. The black hole collapse and the singularity eruption are mirror images of each other

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